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"The physical and mental benefits of practicing yoga are all boosted by being guided in a session with Laurie. She enters the room with a positive spirit, and is able to deliver either a restful, restorative session or a high-impact power burn hour. No session is like the last, which makes me anticipate her presence with pleasure. She is a joy to be with." - Sarah Bowman, mom and owner,

Doing yoga privately with Laurie for the past 3 years has been the best gift I've given to myself. We work on strength, toning, balance, and flexibility. Laurie combines spiritual and physical fitness in just the right way. I can't imagine life without Laurie and my weekly yoga practice!” - Nathalie Kunin,

"I'm not the bendiest person in the world, but Laurie (and her alter ego - Lady Yoga) make practicing yoga doable and fun! She has an edgy personality and is down to earth and hysterical. She gives me moves that increase my flexibility AND confidence! Love her!!" - Rona Lewis

"Where do I even begin.... Lady Yoga not only knows her stuff, but she makes Yoga so much FUN! Her sense of humor and personality are absolutely infectious. I can't get through a session without laughing out loud, which is imperative if I'm going to be working out... She is so knowledgable about her craft and is just someone you want to be friends with. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!" - Katie Sippel