Lady Yoga, Superhero

yoga HikeLady Yoga, Superhero, is Laurie Searle's alter-ego. She is published monthly in LA Yoga Magazine, and syndicated nationally. If you would like to include Lady Yoga, Superhero in your Yoga or Fitness periodical, please contact Laurie.

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Yoga in Colorado informed me a lot about how to manage altitude, nutrition and fitness...wherever you are...if it's above sea level, take a deep breath in and enjoy!

Yoga For Eating Disorders... one that hits close to home.  For someone who has battled anorexia and myriad of associated eating disorders, it wasn't until I got the support and help that I needed to identify the triggers then return to my love of yoga to understand how it is such a great support and salve when the going gets tough and the triggers to negative behavior begin!


lady-yoga-bb     October 2016 - Lady Yoga Kicks Cancer

FirstResponseThumb3.14     March 2014 - First Response Yoga

Lady-Yoga-Feb-2014-thumb     February 2014 - Yoga For The Face

2013-12-thumb     December 2013 - Keep Your Guard Up! Part Two

2013-11-thumb     November 2013 - Keep Your Guard Up! Part One

2013-10-thumb     October 2013 - Yoga with Weights, Part One

2013-09-thumb     September 2013 - Happy Hour at the Barre

2013-7-thumb July/August 2013 - It's Cool to be Hot

2013-6-thumb     June 2013 - Summer Stretch for Two

Lady Yoga APRIL 2013 for print     April 2013 - The Bee's Knees

2013-3-thumb     March 2013 - Lady of the Night...Club

2013-2-thumb     February 2013 - Undercover Yoga

2012-11.thumb     November 2012 - Working the Poles with Lady Yoga

2012-7-thumb     July 2012 - Relieve Stress With Malas

2012-6-thumb     June 2012 - Let the Music Move You

2012-5-thumb     May 2012 - Bud to Bloom

2012-4-thumb     April 2012 - Chakralyn

2011-12-thumb     December/January 2011 - Fear of Flying

2011-11-thumb     November 2011 - Healthy Hands and Wrists

2011-10-thumb     October 2011 - Yoga the Musical

2011-9-thumb     September 2011 - Family Fit Fete

2011-7-thumb     July/August 2011 - Yocation

2011-6-thumb      June 2011 - Mommy Tasking

2011-5-thumb     May 2011 - At Your Customer Service

2011-4-thumb     April 2011 - Health and Taxes

2011-3-thumbs     March 2011 - Going the Distance

2011-2-thumb     February 2011 - Rock Star Keeps His Cool

2010-12-thumb     December 2010 - Bullying is a Big Deal

2010-11-thumb     November 2010 - Chores Are A Bore No More

2010-10-thumb     October 2010 - No Sweat Test Prep

2010-9-thumb     September 2010 - Freeway Freedom

2010-7-thumb     July/August 2010 - Lady on a Mission

2010-6-thumb     July/August 2010 - Lady Yoga - Premiere LA Magazine Cover

team-thumb    Superhero Wellness Team