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Yoga For Eating Disorders Training

November 3-5, 2017 in Santa Monica, November 6th-December 23rd virtually.  

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$575USD for one on one/virtual on your schedule, $365 for group session in Santa Monica.

Body P.A.C.T. Video

20 hour weekend intensive and Continuing Education units for your 300 hour YA certification in the special population of Eating Disorder Recovery.  Learn the proper asana, meditation and pranayama to help individuals in or out of recovery.  Create mindfulness, identify triggers, soothe anxiety and depression and BE in the body with Body P.A.C.T. - reigniting our purpose, accepting where we are, being compassionate with ourselves and others and trusting where we are right now is where we need to be.

Laurie Searle is an 7 year recovered anorexic and over-exercise bulimic who created, F.E.D. - Fight Eating Disorders a 501 (c)(3) non-profit offering Yoga and mindfulness based programs for in and out patient clinics, hospitals and schools to build awareness in eating disorders and help on the path of recovery.  *Yoga is not a replacement for professional help in recovering from an eating disorder. 

Fight Eating Disorders (F.E.D.) is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to building awareness and providing yoga based programs to clinics, schools and hospitals as a supplemental healing method allowing individuals to manage their recovery from disordered eating with movement and mindfulness.

FEDWhoWeAreComing Out Of The Refrigerator Blog has been established as outreach and support for those with eating disorders, so that they may find and share their experience, strength, and hope.

Laurie Searle, founder, is available to speak at schools and in groups about her experience and the tools necessary for recovery. A portion of all of Laurie's classes, private sessions, and teacher trainings go toward the financial support of F.E.D.



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Body Pact Workshops - available in person or online, enjoy weaving yoga and meditation into your everyday to help manage triggers and remain healthy, focused and calm in your recovery.

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