Daily Archives: September 5, 2009

Happy Life Day

Dear Oprah,
Today, I feel special. Today I am filled with gratitude.
Because I know you like to rename things and mix things up and because it is my birthday, in your likeness I would like to change today to my ‘life day.’
I woke up this morning after a restless sleep because my upstairs neighbor was playing horrid music and clogging until 4AM. I went for a birthday run, a little later then I wanted to. It was 9AM and 90 degrees. The sand was uber soft and impossible to gain speed in. I needed to earn my cake!
I sweat sunscreen into my eyes and couldn’t see the beautiful rolling ocean in front of me, just a blur of sand and salt.
But still, I am grateful. I am so thankful to be living here and that I have this beach inches from me, that I have this life and great friends and family, even though many of them are far away. That I am not alone as I have a metro-sexual freak always above me to give me something to complain about. I love my job and for what it’s worth and all the last year has surfaced for me, I am happy.
So today, I will like to celebrate my ‘life day.’ And, thank goodness for facebook. That’s the best thing about birthdays, everyone’s givin’ shout outs.
Happy ‘life day’ to me!
Hope you are havin’ a good Labor day weekend and that you aren’t doing anything too laborious.
Much love,
Gonna get my cake on. I'll save you a piece!