Dear Oprah,

I am very thankful for one certain friend.

At the end of each day, I write her five things I have been grateful for.
At the beginning of each day, she writes me five things she is grateful for.
It keeps us accountable to do this list.
It keeps us grateful.
And it keeps us connected.
After setting the intention at the beginning of the day and sending my gratitude at the end of the day, no matter what happens in between, I have those decisions to make that puts everything in perspective and balance.
Perhaps you do this with your best friend, Gayle King. Perhaps its something you'd like to try.
There are times I get stumped and I really have to reach, especially if stress is high or my mood is low. But it's important, even if you have to reach, to find the purpose behind each action in the day and to find the gratitude you have for that action. Even if your actions are rote or banal. Reaching to find the goodness in it, how your actions benefit others in some way, can help off set the things that can get you down.
Just a thought. A good one I think. And one that I am grateful for.
Be brilliant,