Monthly Archives: June 2007

Videos for Sale

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Juicy Joints

A quick way to warm up and lubricate the joints so you can get ready for a workout, yoga practice or sitting/standing for a long period of time.

Happy Hour Yoga

Healthier and quicker than a cocktail, this all levels yoga class will help you let go of the day and smoothly transition into the night. Grab a pal, your mat, a healthy bev and enjoy~

Yoga For Healthy Hands and Wrists

Strengthen and stretch the hands, fingers and wrists from joint to point!

It's finger flickin' good!

Hip Hop Yoga

Strengthen and stretch the hips with hip hop yoga. No bling required. Do this practice on the mat or right at your desk.


Multi-tasking at it’s best. Find fitness on the go while bonding with baby.

Yoga for small spaces

Don't have a lot of space or time, you can do yoga or strength training in the smallest of spaces.

Inspired by New York livin', you can find the space and the time to work out at home or in any other small spaces. All levels.

Yoga for the office or travel

Take your coffee break with these moves.

In flight or in office yoga and fitness for all levels.

Yoga while waiting in line

Get your fitness and yoga in while waiting in line at the post office or grocery store!

All levels creative fitness and yoga moves when you are stuck in line. Don't wait to get to the studio or gym to get in a little stretch and strength.

Yoga with weights

An all levels yoga session including weights for additional strength training.

Use your yoga practice and weights/resistance training to strengthen the body from the inside out, boost metabolism, increase flexibility, strengthen bones and reduce injury. You will need 1-3 pound weights or small water bottles as your weights.

Yoga Quickies

Don't have time to make it to the studio for a full practice....

5 minute yoga in the AM and PM. Find the time, feel the bliss, Yoga Quickies!