Monthly Archives: April 2010

Coffee or gas…

Dear Oprah,

I am running on empty, physically, emotionally, and autolly. I know. I just made that word up.
I literally started thinking...ok, Starbucks has short, tall, grande, venti, what about IV, a hook up that is consistent and steady to keep me going my long 16 hours a day of teaching, but really is caffeine gonna be the answer?
Yum and Yes.
I was driving to class early Saturday morning with fifteen dollars in my pocket for food, gas and, well, fuel in general to keep going in my body and in my car. These long days of teacher training at new studios and fitness centers are rewarding, but exhausting. I'm so glad to be a part of a team effort and not so much a one man band, but I'm tired.
I decided to get my venti coffee, unsweetened and a sandwich for the homeless guy out front.
I will wait for my next paycheck for gas.
I smile with caffeine.
He smiles with food.
I smile 'cause I'm about to teach.
All is well and I can get there and back home. Home. I have somewhere to be safe.
Coffee or gas?
A smile. It's worth more than cash and's priceless.
These times are rough and I often question what I am doing and where I am going.
But, give me awake.
Give me room.
Give me people who want yoga.
I am happy.
I am living my truth and I am abundant.
I don't need more than that.
Lady Yoga