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Going raw!

So, I finished the 14 day cleanse, 4 days of the Ayurvedic dish kitchadi to 'come off' toxins and 10 days on the Master Cleanse (lemon, cayenne pepper and maple syrup).  


I've done this fast before sans the kitchadi.  I will never do just the master cleanse again.  It is so much better of a transition to slowly detox yourself rather than jumping into no eating whatsoever. 


Unlike the last two times I did 'just' the master cleanse, I went right back into my old eating habits.  These were not bad habits to begin with.  I ate organic greens, meats and fruits, had my daily cup or two of Java, dairy - organic skim milk and cheese and egg whites.  Nothin' really bad, right?  I had no real intention of 'dropping' my old diet this time around, but as soon as I came off the cleanse, excited to eat again, I went straight to the greens and avoided meats and dairy.  


I don't know how long this will last but I am going to try going raw.  


I've never been a big fan of labeling myself.  I go with what I'm feeling.  This cleanse wasn't planned in my calendar, I just knew it was time.  


This time around, I felt the way one does after a peaceful and relaxing vacation.  You promise yourself you will keep the same peace you had on the tropical island of choice when returning to the rat race of life.  It usually lasts a few days, a few weeks and then it's back to the same old. 


I'm hoping that's not going to happen this time, but if it does, it does. 


I consulted the wise people at the Earth Bar in Santa Monica.  They have one in We Ho as well. 


They told me the least expensive way for a girl on the go to get the proper nutrients during the day, while staying hydrated, energized and satiated while on a budget.  Basically, I spent about $100 to get all the fixens for daily smoothies, vitamins and minerals.  Weekly, I'm just paying for fresh fruits and veggies.  I spent about $60 for a weeks worth.  That's about $400 to eat during the month.  Not bad for a single girl.  I'll have to do a little more sleuthing for coupons and deals to bring that down a notch.  But for someone who is on the move as much as I am, I need quick things I can prepare at the beginning of the week, salads, soups, smoothies, and keep raw food bars, veggies and fruit for snacks to get me through the day. 


I'm on day four.  No caffeine although I still have coffee in my apartment.  I don't need it.  

I got used to my peppermint tea in the morning.  I never in a million years would have thought I'd be a tea girl but then again, I never thought yoga would be my life either.  Certainly not teaching and now here I am, years later and it is my life. 


Sometimes we are shown the directions even when we don't think we're lost. 


I have felt happier, clearer and more grounded as I move through my days then I have in a very long time.  I owe that to the wonderful people I consulted before cleansing, Arun at Liberation Yoga, Mas at Dancing Shiva, Melodie at Earth Bar in Santa Monica and Stanley Burroughs who created a very dated cleanse that seems to work just fine for me in this day and age. 


Over the last couple of weeks I've produced less garbage, less negative energy, had less to clean using less water, and had more time (nothing to prepare and couldn't think of food 'cause I wasn't eating!)  

The only thing I did consume a lot of was toilet paper.  Nuff said.  

Time was provided for me to reflect and contemplate.  I didn't force myself to exercise.  I took the time to take the time.  I never slow down and the cleanse gave me permission to do so. 


I feel a little sad, like I'm gonna miss it.  Like one does when they come back from vacay.  I don't wanna leave!! 


My mission is to keep the same clarity, peace, balance and permission to work hard but relax just as hard.  An oxymoron.  


I can't change who I am, but I can try to modify my lifestyle.  Change isn't a decision really.  It happens over time and more importantly, if something turns on within to make you change.  

That happened to me.  This time around. 


I'm my own guinea pig when it comes to trying anything health oriented.  I've made a ton of mistakes but learned a lot in order to advise my students and clients the best ways to live and practice healthy living.  It only comes from experience and my experience won't be the same for all.  I love to say, hey look at this, try this.  But it's ultimately up to you to make your own mistakes and try, try, try.  As long as we are trying to be better, healthier people, we will succeed and find the path that is right for us.  I hope I can help you on your path.  I'm still discovering mine and happy for all that comes across it.  


The positive energy I've retained while on this inner vacation has been so valuable to me and so informative for my teaching.  I had a client tonight who rolled his eyes at me when I told him I was going to try raw.  


I'm an extreme person.  That's just me.   But I'm not going to jump into raw like one would into the master cleanse.  It's too much.  

I can try raw and have a sugary, buttery cookie now and then, a glass of wine, maybe a burger. Right now, now that I'm 'off' the cleanse, I don't want it.  It doesn't serve me.  If I can live without it and only put pure, delicious, clean food into my body, I can't imagine it being any better.  When the devil on my shoulder tempts me, I might give in and I might not.  The 'practice' is to be gentle with yourself when you are challenged internally and externally. 


So eye roll away.  I've had more people ask me how to cleanse/fast over the last two weeks then ever.  Try it, I say and you'll know very soon if it's not for you.  People try fasting several times at hours or days at a time and it doesn't work.  Then something clicks and they are ready for it.  


It's all trial and error.  I remember the first time I did a green juice fast.  I lasted all day until about 8PM when all I wanted was a saltine cracker.  I ate the damn cracker and didn't come back to the idea of fasting for another year. 


I laughed and designed a Stand-up comedy routine around the ridiculous experiences I've had on the Master Cleanse.  This time, it actually affected me in a way that I can't deny. 


I tried yoga several times for several years before I was caught on the hook line of the lifestyle. 


I tried the Master Cleanse three times before it finally showed me a new way of looking at food, nutrition and sustaining a happy and balanced life. 


I'm a girl who is always in movement.  With movement so much gets stirred up.  It's imperative to stop and be still to let things settle into a place where you can see clearly.  Easier said then done. 

It's like a snow globe.  I'm all shook up and all I see is snow and a glimmer of the beautiful landscape beneath. 


Now that the snow has settled, it's melted into a clear and complete picture of who I want to be. 


Diet is a part of that.  What we put inside our bodies effects what everyone sees and feels on the outside of our being.  To connect so deeply to ourselves allows us the openness we need to connect deeply with others and that is yoga. 


If you catch me eating a buttery cookie, I haven't gone down the dark and dirty path; I'm only practicing moderation. 


That's my lesson.  It always has been.  I think I finally get it. 


If you can learn anything from my lessons than I've done my job. That'll be a hundred dollars please. 


Just kidding. 


I'm consistently reminded of the experiment of fleas under a glass jar.  A bunch trapped beneath they bounce to the top trying to break free.  Once the jar is removed, most of them only bounce as high as the jar that was once there. Only a few jump higher and move free of the space that kept them confined.  


Our glass jars aren't always visible.  Push the edge to see what's out there.  Take the experiment and the risk to try new.  Maybe all you will find is that where you were to begin with was where you want to be.  Maybe it will take you somewhere you never imagined. 


Who knew? 


Who knows? 


Just try. 


Until then, be well, drink lots of water and call your mother. 


So hum,