Daily Archives: July 7, 2009


Just thought this was funny...
Last night, I was having a dream that my blackberry shut down while I was texting...who, I don't know, probably someone fabulous, then the little hour glass showed up and it instantly became the iPhone and I was able to touch screen everything, download the light sabre and play.
Then my phone rang next to my bed and I was awoken, to my old beat up blackberry, which I love, but only reminded me that I slept in too long...8AM, how dare I!!?
However, I dreamt about my blackberry. I dreamt about an iPhone. What the heck is wrong with me that my dreams are now consisting of technology?
How did I get here?
Perhaps wanting what I don't have? I mean, how does one interpret that dream?
There was no flying, no water or other symbolism, just technology.
My how dreams have changed.
Whatever happened to dreaming about money, tropical paradises and McSteamy?
Message sent.