Daily Archives: September 27, 2009

Santa Monica….

I had to leave you this morning and it made me sad.

But Santa Monica, oh, Santa Monica, when I came home, you looked so good, I wanted to cover you in hot fudge and stick a big old spoon in ya and eatchya up.
You were so delicious with your fog and gloom that I just wanted to put you on top of a veggie burger and eatchya up.
I cleaned my apartment after my houseguest left and everything looked so beautiful, clean and still with the breeze and fog. I had a Santa Monicagasm.
I love this freekin' place. I run into people I know.
It's relaxing. It's walkable.
I should be the mayor, I love it so much.
That's all. Have a good day.
Oh, and I love teaching. I love it so dang much.
That's all. Have a good night.