Blog is the new boyfriend…

Just thought this was funny...
Someone asked me how single life was. It's been four months and I don't really think of 'being single' like, ok, now I need a game plan, get online or go to parties and meet people.
After eight years, I don't really know what any of this means. I didn't even know what single meant when I was in my early 20's. I never thought and I never looked. I was always lucky to find amazing men that took residence in my life for a time.
Most, if not all of them are still in my life on different planes.
Another amazing man told me today that he thought I was more like a man than a woman except that I looked like a woman.
I knew what he was saying but still laughed. I go to the bathroom faster than any woman I know and find that women, in general, give me a bad name. He He.
I love the women and men in my life but being single, well, I guess whatever time was spent being in a relationship is now being spent here, right here, at this blog. So there.
My blog is my new boyfriend and I guess if I were to really think about it, this blog is exactly what I would want in a boyfriend.
I don't need much but he would probably have to deal with a ton of words coming at him at warp speed and going on tangents regularly. Blog....ahhh....I love you blog.
Unconditional love.
Be good.

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