Keep doing things that scare the bejeezes out of you!

If someone told me at 13, that I could lose weight and feel good about myself and my body, I would have put on my walkman, sung along with my Pretty In Pink Soundtrack and tuned them out.
If someone said to me at 16, hey you like to run, you should run a marathon, I would have told them to put the joint down and eat a brownie.
If someone asked me at 21 where I'd be in five years, teaching yoga would not have been on my consciousness and I would have laughed and ordered another cocktail.
If someone told me at 25 that its fun to jump out of airplanes, I would have said, yeah, and so is taking long walks off short piers.
If someone asked me which foreign country I would want to live in, I can tell you even now, China would not be on the list, now eat your kung pao and give me your fortune, cookie!
If someone said, you can sing first soprano in a choir, I would have given them the names and numbers of some fine professionals and told them to seek counsel.

Point is, living is good, but living in the face of things that scare the bejeezes out of me, that's how I like life to be.
I've done all of the above and never planned any of them. If you asked me what I wanted when I was, 10, 15, 20, 25 and now, 30+ years of age, I would have told you completely different things then what actually happened. And I wouldn't change a thing. I wouldn't have it any other way.