And not in vain...
Dear Oprah,
I just saw one of the top five sunsets of all time in my opinion, right here at Santa Monica beach.
My home. I love it. I ran a bunch of miles after being sick for several days. No swine flu, just run down.
So to detoxify myself from days of Tylenol cold and Lifetime movies, I set sail for a nice run along the shore. Within minutes, I was back to my endorphin kicking self. By the end of the hour, I was atop the California incline gazing at a sky that was smeared with small puffs of clouds reflecting colors of pink, orange, red and yellow. I knew it was just moments before the sun would melt into the sea. I stood there at the bluff and stared. A perfect song began on my iPod mini. I turned to look away from the sun to sea an audience of many, looking out at the same thing I was looking at and that's when I saw it...you.
In a peach reflection of perfection, I saw the faces of peace...happiness and bliss.
I saw lovers embrace, friends hold hands, singletons agape at the glory of yet another great performance.
I look to the sun in amazement but I was most moved to look back at us, all of us, together but separate in the reflection of you and the beauty that is created daily.
I'm unbelievably grateful and inspired.
I wondered, dad, are you with me now to realize this? I didn't feel anything but I hoped that he was there with me to see the grandeur of the elements aligned for all of us to see, as we open our eyes to it.
My eyes were open. Thank goodness I wasn't in traffic or working. I was where I was to see the most beautiful sunset. I was where I needed to be.
A scene I can only compare to ones in Hawaii or Bali or Costa Rica and right here, around the corner from my own apartment.
I am so thankful.
And in this season of Thanksgiving.
And in this first season without my dad.
And I am so sad and so very, very happy.
love, love, love,

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