Dear Oprah,

Oh goodness. Do you remember the theme song? You remember from Ally McBeal, the TV show from long ago and how Calista Flockhart's character felt better about herself once she knew her theme song? I think you even did a show about chic's finding their theme song.
I totally forgot mine. On a whim, whilst cleaning my apartment and putting my iTunes on shuffle, it began. Alone, in my studio, I put the moves on and broke out my best Fosse. Not good, but I get by with an audience of my cat and it was on. I felt better immediately and forgot how super perfect having a theme song is, especially when one is down.
So, my theme song, which happened to be my theme before McBeal and a great, get ready to audition or feel good about yourself song, is...drum roll please...
One, from A Chorus Line, the reprise/finale version. The best song ever from the show that made me want to be a triple threat, or at least want to be a performer...without the dancing.
Enjoy your theme song and if you don't have one, find it now.
Off to dance, hold on...
Here I go!