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What gym do you belong to?/All you need for fitness equipment in the home, yessiree!

The gym of pushups and sit ups?
Someone told me that little gym joke and I took it on as my own. I've never liked gyms. I kind of still don't except for the Easton Gym in West Hollywood and I think that's just because its the homiest, nicest gym I've ever seen and I've worked there for the last four years.
I still don't like gyms. Even though I'm a trainer and teacher, there is just somethin' about them.
Maybe its still the fat kid in me or the idea that you have to already be 'worked' out when you get to the gym, lookin' fine and tidy and tight. It's rare to see works in progress at gyms. Its more a parade of fantastic athletic apparel and sports drinks. How mean am I to say this about my own industry? Um, cause it's my blog. And I love to work out!! I could do it all day, so....
I get roped into equipment and products, have bought them all for myself and my clients and still keep comin' back to the old school stuff that is inexpensive, easy to use and doesn't take up a lot of space. Living in NYC apartments, I had to be creative with my space. Inclement weather would not motivate me to go to the gym, so I had to improvise with what I had. I also like stuff that's easy to travel with.

I keep mixin' it up, but the basics stay the same and you can pick these up on line at Amazon, Performbetter.com or at your local Big5 or other favorite and you won't break the bank.

1. The resistance band (with handles): You can choose your resistance but also adjust the tubing once you have it by the way you use it. It'll usually come with instructions and a few exercises. You can work your legs and upper body with this and it packs up nice and easy and small in your suitcase just like your favorite swim suit.

2. The jump rope: Feel like a kid again. Livin' in LA, if I don't have time for a work out, I'll do some jumps in between clients and appointments. Some cardio is better than no cardio and it takes up no room. 100-1000 jumps and you've torched carlories. Just make sure if you are doin' it in your apartment that no one lives beneath you or at least that they are not home when you are jumping, 'cause it might freak'em out.

3. The step: Doin' it old school. I like the half step. It's just a square, not the bench size. Inexpensive, takes up a little space. You can use the 2 inch riser to jump over or take it all the way up to 14-16-18 inches to do lunges, step ups, hop ups. Its fun and usually comes with a video or fun exercises to do with it. You can also use the step for push-ups and tricep dips.
I like it to use it to reach for things that are too high in my kitchen cabinets.

4. If you like the big stability ball (55/65/75 centimeters), you'll love the bender ball. Its a tinier version and travels well to work all your core work without taking up a ton of space.

5. Last but not least, the foam roller. I don't know who I was without this thing before I found it.
It's just a roll of foam, but used correctly (usually comes with a video or instructions), you can get into the deep knots that surround muscles that make them tight and sore and release them in a feels so good way that makes you longer, leaner and more prepared to train and strengthen.
It's like a massage but without all the money and you are doing it to yourself.

I also love free weights, running, walking, hiking and yoga stretches. All free if you do it by yourself and good for the heart and the head.
What's also good about these things is that, you aren't at a gym!! You don't have to be afraid to look funny doing it. You can even do it naked. No one'll notice or care. How liberating is that.

The one thing that is important, is your form. You can learn proper and safe form at your gym or you can hire me and I'll show you. The last thing you wanna do is do your exercises in a way that does more harm then good and creates habits that can be injurious as opposed to beneficial.

I love to exercise. It's one of the best ways for me to express myself. Like art.
I have so much more to share with you, so until the next blog,
be good to yourself, drink lots of water and call your mother.