Daily Archives: August 24, 2008

Facebook will destroy you…and other things…

In my quest to simplify life, get rid of 'things' as well as distractions like television news and gossip programs, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, why then, would I think its a good idea to join Facebook? I already gave up my Myspace page even when I was asked a hundred times if I was certain I wanted to cancel my account. I felt liberated in my answer being no every time. And now I am being stalked by another all together different internet beast with the purpose of gathering more friends that say nothing to me anyway as they click and add me to their cart.
I watch my friend-o-meter go up as a fond memory crosses my mind.
I'm reminded why I let their friendship go, why they let me go or question why we let go.
In a moment we are friends again and maybe a few words are exchanged but nothing more.
And, I am still not the most popular girl in school.
I get emails every thirty seconds telling me what they are doing and what they will be doing later. Friends I haven't spoken to in decades are now sharing the intricacies of their day with me and masses of others. I care about them, I do, and I like to know what you they are having for breakfast, drinking at night reading during the day, watching at the movies. But now I'm right back where I started, not focussing on myself but allowing myself to get enraptured by the 24 hour a day reality of everyone else. I will have to 'unsubscribe' myself from the constant surveillance of my 'friends' as I am now in defcon 5 status of nurturing my closest friend, myself.
Facebook, like that third chocolate chip cookie, will destroy you. A little now and then is ok, moderation. I will have to access my deepest will power not to dig in and devour the sugary goodness of the internet and the chocloate chip.
Facebook, I thought giving up cigarettes was difficult.
Facebook...is this what crack is like?