Giving hurts sometimes…

Dear Oprah,

I'm such a Virgo. I live in my car. And by that, I mean, I'm in my car more than my expensive Santa Monica apartment, but I live in my car so that I can afford my expensive Santa Monica apartment. And by that, I mean, I drive a whole freekin' lot to get to my clients all around this great city. I love teaching. Loooooove it. The driving...not so much. Ok, and it's not THAT expensive. But bein' a single chica in LA is just plain expensive.
But, I digress.
I'm always prepared for when hunger hits. If you are hungry, come to me as I always have a snack handy. And they are always healthy. I know. I'm like a mom, without the kid.
But, I digress. Where is she going with this? Stay with me.
I was driving up Highland in Hollywood, crossing Melrose and I was at the light. I saw a homeless man. It was hot. He had a cardboard sign. He was sweating. So was the homeless man. Ba dum bum. Homeless humor. It gets worse. He looked tired and hungry. I rolled down my window and tossed him two of my tasty, well packaged store bought goods. My cash wasn't handy and I thought fast. I was in a good mood and thought I could be of service.
He kicked one of the snacks into the street and picked up the other one and threw it back at me saying words I wouldn't even say to someone I felt disgust for. What a waste.
It made me feel bad.
And I was hungry.
Really Oprah, I just had to vent this one out.
Still hungry,