Dear Oprah,

The moment I wake up,
before I put on my make up,
I set a little intention.
I know, you thought I was going to sing again.
No more songs. But I do set an intention. Just before I sprint out of bed and start my day, I savor a moment or two, not to set a goal, but to set the tone for the day.
I want to feel calm today.
I don't want little things to bother me today.
I want to see my dad in the details today.
I want to do everything for others today.
I want to smile at everyone I see today.
Just to use examples.
It's a small thing, but really powerful, because when the day gets ahead of me, I get frustrated or sad, I remember my intention, and everything gets put back in perspective.
As long as I can align myself with what I set out for in the day, I can reign myself in when the urge to road rage hits, again, for example only.
Today, my intention is to move slowly through the day. I know it's a busy one, so instead of running here and there, I will move a little slower. I will still go the speed limit and then some, but I won't let the 'rush' take over.
Writing down your intention is good. It puts it out there.
Maybe even having a little intention journal at the side of your bed so you can write it down first thing and reflect on it last thing before going to bed.
Just sayin'.
Hey, even the great Oprah needs advice some time, right.
Have a beautiful day.