Daily Archives: November 17, 2008

Silver fish…

I'm moving, selling my furniture et al.

With that AND the fires all up in my space (I'm sorry and hope the fires become contained and everyone finds peace and comfort), I find silver fish...everywhere...in my books, crawlin' around my dvds. I didn't invite them and they didn't even bring me flowers or wine, help me with the rent or if I found them dead, leave me a thank you note for housing their sorry silver slits.

With the amount of rent I will be paying in my new place, 216 steps from the place I'm living right now, not that I've counted, I hope that I get upgraded to goldfish.

They are much cuter and better contained.

I'm just sayin'.

Be good to yourself, drink lots of water, blink the ash out of your eyes and call your mother,

Sankalpa or bust…

Say what?


Sankalpa is the resolve, determination and good intention that resonates within the core of your being. It is your essence. It is your goals, whether for the moment, hour, day, month, year or lifetime. It is the will power that keeps you fanning the light within so you create the brightest light in your outside world. It keeps you flexible as you grow and change. It is your drive and passion. It's the little candle flame within that sparks the fire into your outside world of action.

It's the thing that gets you out of bed in the morning without an alarm clock or coffee.

For the love of all, people, it's a goal that you set for yourself - to make yourself live your best life and be your best self for you and others.

And if you build it, they will come.

For me, I'm movin' to Montana people!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not the state, the street. In Santa Monica.

It's the little diva dress or pair of Jimmy Choo's, I know.

It's the indulgence and necessity for my sanity all at the same time and I've committed to it.

The queen of non committal, fly by the seat of your indecision has signed the contract and dotted the t's.

I'm staying here in Santa Monica. Like Dorothy, returning to Kansas. I will be a better teacher, performer, writer, comedienne, marathon runner and all around human being for residing here. I'll tell you what!

And what's more, I've had a fantabulous weekend filled with wise, beautiful and good people inspiring me to be. Just be. For cryin' out loud. And let be.
Just go with the gut and let the universe surround that gut with a big fat hug and maybe some cookies and milk.
I'm just doing it like Nike.
I'm going for it like and I'm not looking back.
I'm confident (and terrified), to take the leap and take care of myself first so that I can be the best person I can be to the people in my life.

I've never felt more sure (and terrified) to say YES to life no matter what.

My life has changed 180 degrees from what it was exactly 365 days ago.

It's crazy, but I'm just gonna go with it.

I like to think I embrace change better than most but when faced with it all at once, it can be the scariest thing.

If you are reading this thinking, what the heck, you are just moving, get over it. You haven't read my blog before. See the previous blogs, please, cause really, there's a lot goin' on.

But if you're just here for the lesson then that would be, set your intention, everyday, right before your feet hit the floor and you go about your day.
Take a few moments to set aside the thoughts and motivation you want to draw from during your day. When your day might get harried with distractions and such, remember the first thoughts from the beginning of your day and you will set yourself straight. No crazy guy in traffic or co-worker will distract you from your intention from the day and if they do, just remember what it was you set for your day. Let your intention be an easy few words that you can repeat throughout your day so that distractions won't get you down. Come back to it like you would come back home. Let it be clear. Let it be easy.
Like for me, Montana or bust.
Montana or bust.
And I really just wanted to live around that area but that was my intention and it's happening.
And you can set an intention for someone else too. If someone in your life is going through something difficult and you are living at ease, set your daily intention for them. They might need your strength. If you have some extra, provide it for them, whether they are near or close.

If you set your sankalpa and are true to it, nothing will get in the way of it if you are true to it.

It's the same as your dreams. If you believe it and want it, it will happen. It might not be tomorrow or a year or five years or ten years.

I have dreams I've been working on since I was a teenager. It's what keeps me in my youthful glow because I haven't given up on 'em. Not gonna do it. Got my sankalpa, so there.

It works. It's not a diet. I promise.

Just do it.

Much love.

Be good to yourself, drink lots of water and call your mother.