Daily Archives: October 16, 2008

John and Kate + 8

I had a meeting with my manager this afternoon. We discussed the fact that at this point, 'I' am currently managing two careers successfully at this point. Acting and teaching. I'm grateful for the support of a really great team behind the performance aspect of my career and grateful for the clients and students that keep showing up to my classes and vividly coloring my life.
We are in discussion on how to combine the two 'loves of my life'.

Today I decal-ed my car, LA advertising style, pic attached and I'm so happy that I have a terrifically talented friend that designed me my promotional logo and a wonderfully dedicated student that referred me to Production Graphics in North Hollywood that did the work very inexpensively. It looks great.

With all of this work and gratefulness, I find myself challenged with the delicate balance of being two people, sometimes at the same time. It makes it difficult to manage at times.

I remember the days when I was working in an office, temping or long term 'temping' at law firms or investment banks where I thought I would tear my eyelashes out in disgust or that my head would pop off in an instant if I had to don a blazer, hose and smile one more day for the tune or an hourly slightly minimum wage.

These days, I design my own days and sometimes those days are out of my control. Auditions and client schedule changes all the time.

Swaha, the loosely translated sanskrit word for 'whatever' is my mantra because as a yogi, I have to go with the flow, otherwise the flow stops with me and that would be...bad.
Flow is good and my daily thought is peace in spontaneity. I try to structure what I can and allow for the sand of life to fill up the spaces in my jar of gems.

I don't like watching television. Most of the television I watch is just to get the vibe of what's out there 'cause I might be up there with'em some day soon. Or, to take a habit from my mother, the television is on in the background whilst I'm doing other things, which just ends up being noise. Not a good habit but a guilty pleasure at best.

I'm liking that I'm mixing three of my loves, television, performing and fitness altogether in my fitness videos. What a joy.
But for the most part, compartmentalizing (an activity I learned from a mommy/small business owner) is key.

So, in essence, my days are truly living from moment to moment and that is a wonderfully yogic view of my days that start at 6AM and end at 10PM.

I fit in the nooks of my day what I can. At the end of the day, though, when I'm fried and can't take another thing into my life, I do, in fact, turn to the tube, for a show on TLC called, John and Kate Plus Eight. This couple has eight kids. This show chronicles their life as a couple and managing the craziness of raising eight freekin' beautiful and insanely individual children. They live in PA. I love their accents. I love John and Kate and the eight kids, especially Aiden and his little coke bottle bottom glasses. I love the way, as a married couple, they deal with each other. I love the way they fight and make up. I love the life they create for these kids and how they manage problems. I know they have financial and personal support from TLC, but I swear, sitting back at the end of the day and popping on their life makes me mellow into my own.

Its like watching the puppy bowl around the holidays. Its this zen like bliss just watching lives unfold. Well the puppies you just watch on a mock football field play with each other, but it's like they are subliminally sending messages to relax and let go and in a pinch, these programs can be my yoga!

Of course, my mom got me into this show. She was into it first and I followed. She was also Rachel Ray's first fan. I was her second and then she exploded and became annoying.

Anyway, there is no educational purpose of this blog but to say that sometimes, when things get crazy in your life and business has fried your existence and meditation and yoga are not an option but a bottle of wine or Ben and Jerry are, turn your head, man and turn on the tube to the channel of TLC and listen to Kate in a Philly accent I swear I'm starting to speak in and all will be well.

Be well, drink lots of water and call your mother.