Daily Archives: October 30, 2008

Meditation Nation

Let's meditate!!

Woo Hoo!!

Does that sound exciting or scary?

It's Halloween so both are appropriate responses.

It's also the dawn of a new era in our country's leadership and an economy made frightening by the media and well, the Dow and Jones and all those other names an symbols comin' up and going down and running amuck on long tickers and freaking us all the f-out.

This is where I find pause.

Because life is also happening.

Because, inhale...
The downpour of fear and frustration around us looming like heavy, thick and dark clouds that never seem to release into rain or release into the ether, coupled with the responsibilities we as individuals and families face enduring our 'new normal' in wonder, hope and doubt, attempting to behave like everything is alright; when we are in the stir of change; this can be alarming.
...and exhale.

What staggeringly negative words Laurie is using in her blog. What the fu?

I'm just addressing the obese, hot pink elephant in the room that's getting bigger and bigger and making it more and more difficult for us to breathe, smile and find peace amidst the tumult.

How is it possible to find Tadasana or mountain pose or stillness when all that is around us is changing and shifting?

It's super duper mucho important to find that time and space to clear out the clutter in the mind and body and connect with our inner source of goodness - our highest selves and our brightest light.

I know. It's hard for me to do it too.

Let's just sit down for a sec.
Turn off everything that makes a noise.
Listen to your own noise for a moment.
The noises outside.
Just pause and breathe as deeply as you can.
Observe and watch and don't stop the thoughts that might come in waves or roaring traffic in the mind, just watch.
And breathe.
And watch.
And sit.
And breathe.
And watch how everything settles. Like a snow globe. Put down your life and your city scene in the snow and watch as the little flecks settle to the bottom.
And breathe.
And notice.
And if you start feeling bad, smile.
And breathe.
And if you feel pain, say this...
taught legs, let loose so that I may walk with ease to the things I'm drawn to in passion and obligation.
tight tummy, let go and allow the strength of breath to fill me up and fuel me like a yummy meal.
tense shoulders; relax so that I can carry my confidence with ease.
clenched heart, let go so I can open myself up to love, of myself and those around me, including the people that might frustrate me.
closed throat, free the hold that is keeping me from expressing myself, speaking my truth and sharing good words and laughter with others.
strained mind, release so that I can think positive thoughts and turn up the light within so that I can nurture others and myself.
face, soften so I can smile and mean it.
head, liberate yourself from those people, energies, thoughts, stimulus that keep me from being present in every moment I have to live, good and bad, which is a gift.
And breathe.
And if that doesn't work...
you have real problems.
Seriously though, make your meditation more about sitting and plugging yourself into the cosmic source that makes your screen saver brighter and iTunes play louder.

If you want to look at yourself like some of our favorite technological gadgets, then there you go.
Nothing will bring us more joy than the energy, space, breath and recharged fuel we need to create and continue in times that might not be so efficient. We do it for our cars and our computers.
And, we have it all in us for ourselves and can drop into it whenever we want.
We can grab it when we chose it.
We can take it here and now.
We can take it to go and best of all...
it's free.

And you can be too.
I'm not only the hair club president. I'm also a member.
Gosh, I hope you get that.

Shanti Om,
Lokah samastha sukhino bhavantu,
Jai Ma,
Peace, peace, peace,