Daily Archives: October 26, 2008

More car references…

I know, I can't stop. But I'm on the road so much; it's where I draw a lot of my inspiration.
I realized the other day that after two strange altercations with drivers, both of which went all postal, following me or riding along side of me honking their horn and yelling profanities for reasons, I seriously don't know, that it might have been the first time, in that moment, I didn't even acknowledge their existence or their problem with me or really, themselves. How's that for a run on sentence.
I was on the phone or listening to my delicious kirtan music or KCRW. When I finally noticed their irrational behavior, I just sang louder or laughed more with my mom on the Bluetooth. It's amazing how she fits in there so well.
I took a moment to realize that I didn't have those crazy feelings bubbling up inside of me when anger surrounded my metallic bubble. I did, however, start feeling really embarrassed for them. What if someone else saw these people goin' nuts on the road? How crazy do they look? And then I don't acknowledge them? How even more embarrassing for them. He he.
Listen up drivers. I know you might be having a bad day, but most probably, even if the car in front of you purposely cut you off because they thought you were driving too slowly, it's more personal to them then it should be to you. Chances are they are harboring anger and self loathing that has 0% to do with you and that they will hold onto somewhere in the fibers of their being and will make them sick. I don't mean to be so blunt. Yes, I do.
I don't go nuts on the road. Seriously, there are a lot of things I can't stand on the road, little habits and things people do. Then I notice that I might do one of those little things, by accident.
Cut some people slack. It might be everyday that you get cut off but it might be the first time the person who cut you off has ever cut someone off because they just didn't see you. They feel bad about it but there is nothing they can do. It's done. So don't make it your responsibility to feel anything either way about.

The more you react to a situation, the more a situation is created. The more you just let it go, chances are, the other freak on the road, now embarrassed for making a mountain out a mole hill, will have no other choice but to let it go too. Perhaps after saying some really mean things about you.

Zen and the Art of Driving 101.

That's me.
Enjoy your day.
Wishing you an open road and no crazies!