Daily Archives: October 1, 2009

Sneezing, snarfing and coughing, OH MY…

Dear Oprah,

I was drawn to this cat. I was thinking about adopting but knew it wouldn't happen unless my ass was kicked into it. Little did I know that there was a woman at the studio at which I teach that was about to start a new journey overseas with the love of her life and had to give up her THREE feline loves that I really started to think, hey, maybe I should get a cat. Traditionally, I'm allergic. I've cat sit for my clients and friends and my family has two cats for which I used to have the usual itching and sneezing, but for some reason...sometime after the Master Cleanse, I was sort of 'cured' from these allergies. I still get general irritation, but none of note.
I was told about this one cat and I thought, I have to meet it.
I'm a girl, seeing about a cat.
I met her a few days ago, in the middle of one of my most stressful days about Los Angeles. As soon as I met this thing, nothing mattered. Hair was everywhere, but everything else went to the side.
I told the owner I'd think about it but we both knew I'd be comin' back tomorrow, in the midst of yet another helacious day to pick this thing up and call it my own.
I had dreams about her.
I thought about her constantly. But I knew. She was not another dress I could return.
I knew. She would be my life for years. That is what scared me the most.
I can care for plants but I can travel whenever I want and not care a lick if they get dry. They'll be better when I get back. I love taking care of others but it's usually on my own terms.
To decide, fully and completely, to take ownership of an animal. To care for it and nurture it...it scared the f-ing crap out of me.
It's not an it. It is a being that has already had ten months of life without me. I might feed and nurture it but it will have to work with me. We will have to work together. I'm not certain I'm up for it.
And here I am, after a day that lasted 16 hours. Two days straight with 5 hours of sleep. I'm tired and spent and I've spent most of my weeks earnings spoiling this thing I don't even know yet. She cried when I took her away, hid under the bed when I brought her home. I keep talking to her like she's gonna answer me. I'm sneezing and wiping away hair. I'm exhausted. I've never been happier. I have no freeekin' idea what's going to happen next. If she's ever gonna come out from under the bed. She's peeked out a few times then hurried back. I don't even know her name yet, but have toyed with a few. I love her and I don't even know her.
When I was calling around to make doctor's appointments, the financial commitment seemed extensive. I called my mom. She told me to forget about this cat and get a cat from the shelter where they would spay for virtually nothing. Well, I don't know how they do it in NY, but here, the rules are different and here, I knew that if I didn't take this cat, I wouldn't go looking for another. I met this cat. I wanted this cat. Sneezes and all. This baby was mine. And most importantly, I was hers. I am going to spoil this little thing and love it abundant.
I don't know how to do any of it. What food it likes or anything. But I'll do what I think I should, take it to get checked, try some different food out, some different names out and love it almighty.
I'm a pet owner now and I knew that my life would change today.
I'm terrified. But, I'm excited.
It's not a dog or a fish or a bird. It's a cat. My cat. And I'm allergic to her. And it seems, she's allergic to me. And we'll figure it out. Like life.
You never know. You just never know.