Daily Archives: October 6, 2009

Everything tastes better with cat hair on it…

Dear Oprah,

I toooootally get it now! Where the heck have I been without a cat. More importantly, this cat, whose name has been Satya, Peanut, NyLa, Miley, Glee, Lucky and Smokey. I still can't settle on a name. She favored Oprah but I thought that would be a conflict of interest and that people would think that I was writing to my cat daily and not the one and only, true Oprah.
So, today she is NyLa for New York and LA. My heart is in both places and now, I share my heart with her.
I'm a girl whose allergic to cats and got a horrible cold/allergy the other day. I never prayed so much that it was a cold. I was excited that I got a fever and chills as I knew it was not a reaction to kitty but just a virus. Yea, sickness! Not allergic to kitty.
She was hiding for such a short period of time.
I took her to the vet to get fixed and get her shots and check up.
The vet was an altogether different blog. There were cat people and dog people. The cat people looked like their cats and the dog people, well they looked like their dogs. They all talked to their animals and I did the same. I always wondered about these folk. Now I'm one of 'em!
I talk to my cat like she's a person.
I talk about my cat. I send pictures. I send those crazy e-mail forwards with cat and dog references. I'm one of 'them' now.
I'm part of the club. I have cutesy cat stickers on my fridge. No I don't. Yes I do!!
I have a cattitude!
She follows me around.
She greets me when I come home.
She snuggles with me when I go to bed, right under my arm or between my legs, like a freekin' stuffed animal.
I get it!
I totally get it.
She is love. All love and I knew I felt it, but now I really feel it.
I see life differently through my freekin' cat.
This cat is informing my teaching.
This cat is bliss.
This cat has been such a gift.
I still get icked out with the litter box and strange smells and the hair...oy, the hair.
It always freaked me out when cat people allowed their cats to 'be' all over the place. I walk around with a lint roller everywhere, but then I roll around with her and I don't care!
I come home and usually it's back to work or off to a work out, but now I pause. I play.
I snuggle. I take a little time to just be...with the freekin' cat and I'm so happy.
My client this morning asked me how I was doing. I said, great!!
She was like, something happened. Are you in love?
I said, I guess so. I guess, whatever she is doing for me is working. I have the kitty love glow.
I was so nervous to do this. So nervous to commit. To love something and take care of it. To have something rely on me.
It hasn't even been a week and I hope it doesn't get old. I can't imagine having someone dote on you ever getting old.
I understand and I'm so grateful for all beings and all creatures supporting each other in this crazy world.
When I found a cat hair in my coffee this morning, I picked it out and continued to drink.
I get it now. When you love something, a little hair doesn't bother you.
And now I get it in life. Everything, if you really love it, tastes better with cat hair on it.